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postfix-users: Re: smtpd_proxy_filter + amavis settings in mysql

Re: smtpd_proxy_filter + amavis settings in mysql

From: Wietse Venema <wietse_at_nospam>
Date: Tue May 13 2014 - 14:35:57 GMT
To: Postfix users <>

Piotr Rotter:
> W dniu 13.05.2014 13:39, Wietse Venema pisze:
> > Piotr Rotter:
> >> I have a mail system based on postfix amavisd spamassassin clamav. I
> >> wanted to e-mail that come from the outside were filtered before queue.
> >> I tried to use smtpd_proxy_filter but encountered a problem.
> >>
> >> When I use the content_filter, postfix sends mail to amavis after using
> >> virtual_alias_maps, so sends to the target mailbox.
> >>
> >> When I use smtpd_proxy_filter, postfix sends mail to amavis with the
> >> same RCPT TO he got from the client.
> >
> > This is necessary, because the after-filter SMTP server may reject
> > a recipient. Thus, number of recipients must match what the client
> > sends. Additonally the recipients should be the same, otherwise a
> > "reject" response would not make sense.

Note that I am describing the smtpd_proxy_filter protocol. This may
be combined with any SMTP-based content filter and with any SMTP
server after the filter.

> Amavisd never rejects one recipient, newer reject RCPT TO, amavisd can
> only accept or reject whole message. When Amavis have to reject only one
> recipient and accept another then will send OK to postfix and bounce to
> sender by $notify_method interface.
> So I think that in this case is not necessary to send to amavis exactly
> same RCPT TO list.

Sorry, there is only one smtpd_proxy_filter implementation. It
covers 99% of the problem. Instead of spending a huge effort to
cover the last 1% and implement local and virtual aliasing before
the filter, I will spend the time on something that benefits more