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postfix-users: Re: postfix setup: machine with live ip forwardin

Re: postfix setup: machine with live ip forwarding traffic to home machine

From: hiren panchasara <hiren.panchasara_at_nospam>
Date: Mon May 05 2014 - 15:51:25 GMT
To: Postfix users <>

On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 4:17 AM, Wietse Venema <> wrote:
> hiren panchasara:
>> To circumvent all that, I got a VM with a live IP where nothing is
>> being blocked now.
>> What I want to do is, use this VM as just a jump host and still keep
>> entire setup at home.
> "Configuring Postfix as primary or backup MX host for a remote site".

Just to understand the terminology here, my VM would act as a
'primary' MX host and 'remote site' is my home machine, right?

This link only shows VM side of configs. How about on the home machine
postfix side?

Also, if my domain is, which machine's postfix should
have that set? VM or home?

A mail should be originated from "" right?

> You will have to do all the spam filtering on the VM. Once the VM
> accepts a message, the home machine should never reject it.


Thanks for taking the time and responding,