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postfix-users: Re: SMTP client host name spoofing

Re: SMTP client host name spoofing

From: Vincent Lefevre <vincent_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Apr 03 2011 - 22:50:35 GMT

On 2011-04-01 17:45:01 +0200, Reindl Harald wrote:
> when the server is down you can not send mails
> and you really will not die,

I repeat: When the server is down, I may *NEED* to send mail
(for various reasons, e.g. to send logs so that things can be
fixed, to warn some people that I can no longer receive mail,
and so on). It is certainly not you to decide whether I wish
to send mail or not.

> if it would be so imortant you need redundancy on the relay-server
> (failover, clustering...) all the things are available and
> costs some money, but again - is it important you will bring
> back the money over the infrastructure or it's not important

As you say, it costs money (but also more time for maintenance),
so this is out of the question.

> > Experience shows that most mail won't be dropped.
> and that is why so many spam is flying around
> would no host accept mails where PTR, A-Record, HELO not
> match, respect SPF and drop mails from dial-up ranges
> spam would dramatically go back

It would be better to close the account of spammers, but I don't
think that's the right place to discuss these things.

> > Still, the question holds: how do I use SASL, with direct SMTP
> > as a fallback?
> you can't

OK, so I'll continue to use direct SMTP, as long as it works quite
reliably (for me).

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