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clamav-users: [clamav-users] request for feature

[clamav-users] request for feature

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Jan 31 2014 - 19:23:47 GMT


I have trolled thru the man pages at length, and can find no option to make
it just a little more verbose by outputting something that would serve to
identify the originator of a compromised email. What we do get, is hard to
impossible to actually connect to a given email currently sitting in a
kmail folder.

This is all I am getting in the /var/log/clamav/clamav.log:

Thu Jan 30 10:22:29 2014 -> instream(local):

all on one long line of course. No "FOUND" yet today which seems odd.

Such a feature would appear to me to be handier than sliced bread or
bottled beer.

Am I missing something? If so, please point me at it.


Cheers, Gene
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