How To Get Help With EnGarde Secure Linux
There are many avenues for getting help with EnGarde Secure Linux, whether you're a Linux newbie looking for installation help or a seasoned hacker who needs detailed technical information.

The support options below are listed in the order in which you should try them.

  • Read the EnGarde Secure Linux Documentation
    If you're having trouble with EnGarde Secure Linux you should start by reading the EnGarde Secure Linux Quick Start Guide. This guide is a must-read for any new user of EnGarde Secure Linux and provides a task-oriented approach to common EnGarde Secure Linux tasks such as configuring remote access and setting up a web site.

    Another useful resource is the EnGarde Secure Linux Wiki, a community edited documentation repository for EnGarde Secure Linux. It contains the EnGarde Secure Linux Frequently Asked Questions page and more.

  • Search The Mailing List Archives
    If you're having a problem, it's quite probable that somebody else before you had the same problem and their question was answered on the engarde-users mailing list. Please search the engarde-users mailing list archives before asking a new question on the engarde-users list.

  • Subscribe to the engarde-users Mailing List
    If your question is not answered in the EnGarde Secure Linux documentation or the engarde-users mailing list archives, the next step is to subscribe to the engarde-users mailing list.

    Click here to subscribe to the engarde-users mailing list.

  • Open a Bug in the Bug Tracking System
    If you think you've found a bug or if you'd like to request a feature, open a bug in the EnGarde Secure Linux Bug Tracking System. The EnGarde Secure Linux developers monitor the BTS daily and it's the best way to notify us of a bug!