Installation problems(mainly DHCP, Apache, PHP5)

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Installation problems(mainly DHCP, Apache, PHP5)

Postby lietu on Sun Jul 06, 2008 1:34 pm

I just downloaded EnGarde 3.0.19 and tried to install it and have already had several problems with it within the past couple of hours..

First, the installer mentions something about choosing wether to use static, DHCP or pppoe for interfaces and then it forces me to define a static ip.
I can change eth0 to use DHCP after installing from the webtool, but after that I have to manually reboot the system since it refuses to get an IP from dhcp or bring the interface up if I try any of the following from the console:
/etc/init.d/network restart
ifconfig eth0 up

After finally getting eth0 to work with DHCP, your world wide web management refuses to work because I'm using DHCP..
I type in a hostname( for the site, try and choose eth0 for the address(get "n/a" in the input field), fill in the other stuff, click "Create new virtual host" and get a nag screen saying "The Web Server address you entered was invalid.".
I go back, choose "All Interfaces"(get empty input field), try again, get the same nag screen.
I go back, try manually with "*", "*:80", "" and pretty much anything I can think of in the address -field, same nag screen.
I go back, choose "lo", it finally accepts the input and creates the virtual host, surprise surprise I cannot access it tho..
I manually edit the httpd.conf file from console to use *:80 for the virtual host, the webtool loses the virtual host definition and claims I have none configured.

I give up and unwillingly go back to static IP, get the virtual host defined just fine, works perfect too, I test a basic phpinfo(); script(Installed mod_php5 before trying anything with the world wide web management), and it says I have PHP 4.4.8.. Where's my mod_php5(the package management -page says mod_php5 is 5.2.5-2)? The webtool also gives me no option to uninstall mod_php so there'd only be mod_php5 which is the only thing I want(honestly, who uses PHP 4 anymore?)...

Not to sound like a troll, but really, does anyone test this thing before you release it?
Starting from the installer it's all been quite annoying, hell, your installer doesn't even have a "back"-button, only "cancel" that should say "reboot" instead.

Found a way to remove mod_php, from console, apt-get remove mod_php, that leaves my apache completely without php support even with mod_php5 installed... yay for having to manually edit the web server configuration... I bet the next time I click "save" or "update" or "create" or similar anywhere it overwrites my configuration, right, am I right?
Seems I only had to manually add "Include /etc/httpd/conf/php5.conf" in httpd.conf to get php5 working, just dont understand why this wasn't done when I installed the package?
Now let's see if I can actually do something with that server now that it's running...
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